Ignoring huffers & puffers

Woke to a brilliant morning and just hope that it will be like this on the Venetian hinterland as well as today I am off to Vicenza with hubby, daughter and her boyfriend. The boys are going to be bored to tears, but no one twisted their arm to accompany us. They had just better keep quiet and not complain.

Why? Daughter and I will be traipsing very slowly around a hobby fair which is absolutely enormous. Looking at buttons and threads and patchwork and jewellery making etc. We will take our time and totally ignore any huffing and puffing and bored expressions. We will carefully pick through every stand in each of the four enormous pavilions, and will sit or stand to watch every workshop we can get into.

Just got back from the Coop where I bought all the necessary for sandwiches which we will probably eat on the train so as not to waste time looking for food whilst we are at the fair. The boys will be so pleased that we saved some money — on the food at least. Can’t guarantee any savings on the merchandise at the fair I’m afraid.

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