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The face behind the site

As a multi-discipline creative, I alternate between photography, design, digital and applied arts and crafts. My inspiration often comes from the sights and sounds of my adoptive city of Venice in Italy, and my preferred mountain retreat in the majestic Italian Dolomites, though bright, bold colours are what capture my attention best.

My father was a professional photographer and the rest of my close and extended family is teeming with talent — sculptor, author, film maker, musicians, graphic designers, painters, illustrators, photographers and stitchers so I like to think that just a little of all that talent has been passed on to me too!

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Keep your eyes and ears open for news of our workshops during the Festival delle Arti on Giudecca, Venice

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Looking for ideas for the festivities? In this section you will find various projects, plus a selection of our handmade articles available for purchase on Etsy

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An exciting environment in which multiple skills such as photography, pattern design and art can be applied to tangible, saleable objects.

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We all have our mumbles and grumbles. so feel free to find out more about us by reading what we get up to on non-crafty days

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See how we have interpreted the prompts for the development of our ‘creative eye’, and then have a go yourselves. No need for fancy cameras as these days mobile phones offer plenty of options for pleasing photographs. Often the secret of a good photo is knowing what to look for.

Glue, needles, thread, yarn, lino, just to name a few

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Start on the basics with us, and then step up your game with more research in order to attain new heights and satisfaction in your newly found ability. Here, just to name a few, you will find embroidery, weaving, printing, photography, sewing and projects for kids.

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Refer to the suggestions for essential and optional tools for each of the projects you take on. For each project there will also be a ‘shopping list’ of materials required to complete it. Don’t forget to check out what you already have in your own ‘stash’ too and that in some cases you can buy complete project kits from me on Etsy.