Santa’s washing line

This is a fun project which involves simple skills. Suitable for youngsters with a little assistance, but equally appropriate for adults. Personally I have used this decoration in several ways — as a unique Christmas greetings gift to friends — as a decoration for the tree and as a festive fridge magnet.

I have created a set of illustrated instructions for you to download. They include rudimentary templates for the various articles of clothing. You will need to cut those out. The list of materials is useful as an indication of what you will need, but of course, if your own personal stash includes something similar, do feel free to substitute when possible or appropriate. It has to be said, however, that felt holds its shape well. I have suggested mini-pegs to hang the clothes with, but if you have trouble finding those, you can stitch the items directly onto the ‘washing line’. The little ‘buckles’ on the jacket and trouser belts are nothing more than gold-coloured jump rings. Don’t forget to add a couple of small flat magnets to your shopping list if you think you want to use this as a fridge magnet. The magnets should be glued to the back of the stars at either end of the washing line.

So now I think I’ve said enough …

Go download the instructions and have fun!

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