Large papier maché baubles

Managed to get the tutorial done for the papier maché baubles if anyone is interested. You will see that I have suggested inexpensive toilet paper to create the paper base, but of course other paper, preferably from recycled sources is a good alternative. Just be aware that the build up of thicker paper is going to make it more difficult for the light to show through, and so try to leave some areas a little thinner with fewer layers — or even to create small open ‘keyhole’ spaces for the light to be seen. The size of your finished ‘baubles’ will depend very much on the size of the balloons you use of course and what you plan to do with them — in the photograph you can see that I have used them as a decoration below the Christmas tree to disguise the base. Add variation by creating different sizes — smaller ones could be used to decorate a table centre-piece so there are several options open to you and your imagination.

You can pick up the pdf file and more information from the link below…

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