Where to put it all

Taking a look around the various crafters’ (and not only) blogs, I see that one of the biggest problems a lot of us face is the storage. I am no different – having a small home with no built in storage such as cupboards and so on, I have had to invent ways to store our mountain of stuff. Amazing what you collect after more than 40 years of marriage – along with the stuff our daughter collects too.

So this is the solution I found for the tiny little area between our bedrooms and the bathrooms. The space must be about 140 x 150 cms…small by anyone’s calculations. Not only that, there are 4 doors (3 of which slide and disappear into the walls — thank goodness)…one on each wall of the space which meant that the only way to exploit the area was by going upwards.

As usual Ikea came to the rescue, and here you can see a combination of Stolmen free standing storage, and Applad hanging kitchen units. We chose white to visually expand the space. Admittedly I have either to get out a kitchen ladder thing or chair to go up to the top units, or else use the services of the very tall man I married to cope with these situations. But whatever, I have managed to neatly store all my bed linen up there, dividing it all between summer/winter and single/double. The hanging space is great for the coats and jackets we use most, and there is also room for a skinny shoe storage cabinet with mirror. More space up top for lots of Ikea boxes for shoes.

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