Paper & clips necklace

A fun and simple upcycle/recycle project for schools or grandmas with the little ones etc.

Take a pile of paper clips and link them together to form a long ‘chain’ necklace — you can do multi-strands if you have enough clips. Then take an old magazine or some other sort of paper (recycled gift wrap for instance) and cut into strips. With white glue, wrap paper around each clip to cover the spiky open ends and block them together. When it’s all dry you can give a coat of varnish to the paper wraps if you like. Obviously if you used plain paper, the kids can do some drawing on each ‘bead’ before the final seal. A bit sticky and messy, but fun. Here I am in the process of doing a multi-strand with some turquoise coloured wrapping paper I had salvaged.

The paper strips needn’t be any longer than about an inch — depends on the size of the clips of course, but make the strips just long enough to overlap around the ‘height’ or narrow section of each clip. The width of the paper strip will obviously be determined by the actual length of your clips leaving just enough room for the rounded extremity to be free. Download the project details by following the link below…

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