Pillow gift boxes

Gift wrapping with hand printed & handmade cushion/pillow boxes

I have mentioned these sweet little pillow shaped gift boxes in the past, but have now got around to producing a couple of templates and some simple instructions for you to make them yourselves.

The tools you require are very simple — a pen or pencil — a ruler — a pair of scissors, strong enough to handle cardstock paper — a paper folder or as an alternative you could use the blunt side of a dining knife, although the paper folders are usually very inexpensive and quite a useful tool to have around if you think you might be trying out other papercrafts. Don’t forget the glue — hot glue gun or vinavil for instance. Optionals for this project — felt tip pens or rubber stamps if you decide to use plain cardstock which you might like to decorate.

Materials — simple enough — the cardstock of your choice, be it plain or patterned — in these photos you can see that I used corrugated kraft cardstock. And let’s not forget some ribbon, stickers or string to finish off your gift box when the time comes!

Included in the download file you will find two templates — one for a large and one for a small pillow box. A couple of photographs to give you an idea of the completed item — plus all the necessary instructions to follow for the project.

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